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Andover is home to 1,500 structures that are considered historic, meaning that they are on either the National or State Registers of Historic Places or the Andover Historic Building Survey. Every year there are requests to demolish some of them for the land value.

There are seven historic preservation districts in Andover.

  • 1. Academy Hill (Phillips Academy campus, School, Main, Wheeler, and Highland Streets)
  • 2. Andover Village Industrial District (Roughly bounded by North Main,Railroad, Stevens and Moraine Streets)
  • 3. Ballardvale (Roughly bounded by Center, Andover and High Streets)
  • 4. Central Street (Bounded by Phillips Street and Essex Street)
  • 5. Main Street-Locke Street
  • 6. Shawsheen Village (Centered on Haverhill and York Streets)
  • 7. West Parish Center (Lowell Street and Reservation Road

Andover also has a Andover Historic Preservation Commission. In 2005, the Preservation Commission, the Andover Historical Society, and Memorial Hall Library received a grant from the Essex National Heritage Commission to update the town's inventory of historically significant buildings and make it publicly accessible. The database that was created may be accessed through the Andover Historic Preservation Commission's web site.


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