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Bessie Punchard Goldsmith, a lifelong resident of Andover, was born on November 21, 1882, and died on November 8, 1974. A woman of independent spirit, she was active in the town throughout her life. She was the first woman on the Andover Police Force, a position she held for 25 years; she taught home economics in the Andover school system and was a member of the Andover Guild, Andover Historical Society, Andover Garden Club, November Club, and the Andover Village Improvement Society (AVIS). In her will she left 130 acres of land bordering Foster Pond to AVIS Society to be kept as a wildlife sanctuary. The 131 acres parcel of land called the Goldsmith Woodlands had been the family farm since the 1700's.

She wrote a column in the Andover Townsman called Townswoman. A collection of these published in The Townswoman's Andover, printing sponsored by the Andover Historical Society. Her papers are archived at the Andover Historical Society.


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