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  • Photographer Don Strong, also known as Dieter Stark, published his first book, Idylls of a Young Man in 1992 when he was 51. The book has sketches, short stories, and photographs. The photographs were taken in Europe and the short stories have a European flavor. He says "I take pictures of flowers and classical things in the European sense, like Baroque and Gothic architecture."

  • Mr Strong was born in Vermont and christened Dieter. Stark was his father's family name, meaning Stong in German. He moved to Andover in 1959 when he was a communications student at Boston University.

  • He was a U.S. Navy pilot for 6 years, including 2 years during the Vietnam War. In 1985 he was diagnosed with multiple schlerosis. A friend suggested that he try photography as a career. he started with a calendar in 1990; then decided to try his hand at a book.

  • In 2010 he published Gardens of Peace under the name Dieter Stark-Strong. Photographs and text show the cemeteries and war memorials of the American Battle Monument Commission as well as some Allied and Axis memorials. Memories of combatants and a prayer for reconciliation are also part of the text.


  • Andover Man Publishes First Book.(portrait) Andover Townsman, 12/10/1992, page 1.

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