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In the early 1900s, and perhaps in the late 1800s, the Atlantic and Pacific (A&P) Tea Company delivered tea and other products to homes in Andover by hand carts and horse-drawn wagons. As part of a customer loyalty program A&P offered reward points for the tea their customers purchased. Once customers had enough points, A&P would give them vouchers for lots of land (Tea Lots). The Tea Lots ranged between 50ft by 70ft to 50ft to 100ft. They were often landlocked, with no street access, and were too small to build on. Some were located in the Ballardvale section of town, others were in the Wood Hill area near Haggetts Pond. There are still conflicting accounts and questions regarding the lots, their location and the companies involved.

The Andover Historical Society has maps of the Tea Lots. The lots were located near South School on Woburn Street and appropriately named: Bayberry, Tea Berry and Blackberry Lanes.


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