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When mill owner J. Purnam Bradley made his private collection available to the people of Ballardvale, the first library in Ballardvale was opened. It was located in the Masion House on Center Street.

On May 6, 1913, Memorial Hall Library, under director Edna Brown, opened a branch in the Old Schoolhouse on Center Street. It began as a book exchange. Later when chairs were added for the public the Ballardvale Branch became a reading room as well, hosting book discussion teas.

The branch moved to 195 Andover Street in January 1981.

The Ballardvale Branch was closed in 1991.

The first librarian at the Ballardvale Branch was Miss Byington.

Ruth Sharpe was the librarian of the Ballardvale Branch from 1969 to when it closed in 1991. Ruth died on January 5, 2003.


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