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Bicentennial Garden

The Bicentennial Garden is located across from South Church. The garden has plaques listing the soldiers who died at Bunker Hill.

William Woods Garden

The William Woods Garden is also called the 350th Garden. It is located on the triangle at Shawsheen Square

Central Park

The Garden in Central Park (see Parks) is at Friendship Bridge. It is dedicated to the twinning of Andover, Massachusetts with Andover, England. The garden was dedicated on Spetember 25, 2000.

Garden in Park

The Garden in the Park (see Parks) is part of a Andover 2000 Project by the 8th graders of Doherty Middle School. It features plaques listing significant people in history of Andover.

Garden in Memory of Phyllis Bingham

A memorial garden for Phyllis Bingham planted at the side entrance of the library was dedicated in 1998. It consists of a tree, bench, hostas, and a memorial plaque. Phyllis worked at the MHL Reference Desk for many years.

For Phyllis's Obituary see

  • Lawrence Eagle Tribune, October 31, 1997, page 14.

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