Haggett's Pond

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The 217.6 acre pond is located in West Andover along Rt. 133, Lowell Street. It was known in the 1600s as Blanchard's Pond until 1720 when Moses Hagget bought the area around the pond. In the 1800s, the pond was home to Bailey's Grove, a private recreation area that included food, dancing, boating, etc. In 1901, fire destroyed the dance hall, bowling alley and dining hall.

In the 1890s, Thomas Dixon operated Bellevue Grove, a world-renowned boxing camp, across Haggett's Pond Road. Featherweight champion George Dixon (no relation), trained there.

In 1886, the town voted to spend $10,000 to make Rabbit Pond available for fire protection and installed 16 hydrants while another committee was formed to create pumping for water from Haggett's Pond. In 1974 a new treatment plant was built and expanded in 1991. The building was named the Robert E. McQuade Water Treatment Plant after the long time Public Works director.


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--Glenda 12:18, October 6, 2006 (EDT)

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