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Some news and articles on the proposed Andover Youth Center:

In July of 2000, the Andover Youth Foundation suggested land behind the Chandler Fire Station for a Youth Center.

Yvon and Noella Cormier of Andover donated $1.5 million to the Town of Andover for a youth center in West Andover. Under the agreement with the Andover Youth Foundation, the town will provide 6 acres in West Andover. The center would be called the Cormier Family Youth Center. Yvon owns the Cormier Construction Company.

Funding and other issues delay a June 2006 start date for construction of a Youth Center.

In 2006, a location downtown was discussed, but the article asking the Town for $900,000 was withdrawn from the Town Warrant. Selectman Brian Major suggested a Special Town Meeting in the fall to deal with the youth center.

The Special Town Meeting in the Spring of 2013 approved using half of the $1.4 million Wood Trust (a fund established for the benefit of senior citizens) on the new Cormier Family Youth Center.


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...Youths' sweet dream advances to finish lane.... click to enlarge

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