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1829 - An engine house was built for the Friendly Fire Service, a private company.


1833 - Town Meeting voted the sum of $365 to build an engine house on Essex Street.

1862 - The Friendly Fire Society was renamed the Shawsheen Steam Fire Engine Company.

1895 - The Ballardvale Station was relocated to the corner of Andover Street and Clark Road.


1924 - Andover established a Fire Department with Charles Emerson appointed as the first Fire Chief. By then "horses had become a thing of the past."


1966 - A new fire station was built in West Andover on Chandler Road.


2002 - In September Main Street Fire Station was razed and construction was begun on a new public safety center to house both fire and police. The police station was completed first. Construction on the Fire Station actually began in May 2003 and completed in July of 2004.


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2006 - There are three fire stations in Andover:

  • Central Headquarters at 32 Main Street
  • West Fire Substation at 200 Greenwood Road
  • Ballardvale Fire Substation at 1 Clark Road


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