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1829 - An engine house was built for the Friendly Fire Service, a private company.


1833 - Town Meeting voted the sum of $365 to build an engine house on Essex Street.

1855 - The town splits. North Andover gets two fire engines; Andover gets one.

1862 - The Friendly Fire Society was renamed the Shawsheen Steam Fire Engine Company.

1882 - A new fire station was built behind the Town Hall on Main Street

1895 - The Ballardvale Station was relocated to the corner of Andover Street and Clark Road.


1924 - Andover established a Fire Department with Charles Emerson appointed as the first Fire Chief. By then "horses had become a thing of the past."


1966 - A new fire station was built in West Andover on Chandler Road.


2002 - In September Main Street Fire Station was razed and construction was begun on a new public safety center to house both fire and police. The police station was completed first. Mello Construction was the construction company for the Safety Center.


  • Eagle Tribune, September 17, 2002

2003 - Construction on the Fire Station actually began in May 2003 and completed in July of 2004.


  • "Town: Another Year for the Safety Center," Andover Townsman, May 8, 2003, page 1

2004 - The fire station was completed in July 2004


  • "Public Safety Center: Complex Complete This Week," Andover Townsman, July 1, 2004, page 1

2006 - There are three fire stations in Andover:

  • Central Headquarters at 32 Main Street
  • West Fire Substation at 200 Greenwood Road
  • Ballardvale Fire Substation at 1 Clark Road


--Eleanor 15:34, August 23, 2006 (EDT)

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