William Jenkins House

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The William Jenkins House was built 10 years before the Revolution by William's grandfather, Samuel Jenkins. It was a stop on the "Underground Railroad."

    • The house is located at 8 Douglass Street (formerly Jenkins Road).
    • "The William Jenkins House," The Townswoman's Andover by Bessie Goldsmith (974.45 Gol), p. 20.
    • "Andover’s Home was but one Stop on the Underground Railroad," Andover Townsman 10/26/2000 (This article is found in the Andover Vertical File under Underground Railroad).
    • “Andover: Symbol of New England” by Claude Fuess, (974.45 Fuess), p. 314.
    • "Jenkins House Station for Escaping Slaves," Andover Townsman, March 22, 1956 (This Article can be found in the Jenkins Family File).
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