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The Town House was built in 1858 at a cost of $15,500.  It was orginally constructed for a "spacious hall in the second story, with a small gallery and four anterooms. In the first floor a smaller hall, also a post office room, treasurer's and selectmen's room..."
In 1882 an extension was added for cooking accommodations and water for use by clubs and private parties.  In 1902 a lobby was designed with ornamental winding staircases and tinted walls.
The Town Seal was placed in the mosaic floor. In 1989 the facility was completely renovated adding air-conditioning.  The building is now available for wedding receptions, theater performances, and banquets. There is still a Post Office substation on the first floor.
* ''Andover Townsman'', April 27, 1989
* ''Andover Townsman'', May 4, 1989, p. 6+
Andover Town House Function Room
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