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Samuel Fuller, Philips Academy class of 1891, donated $75,000 for construction of the Memorial Bell Tower. Architect Guy Lowell designed it in 1919 based on the steeple of Boston's Old South Meeting House. It stands 159 feet high, is dedicated to the memory of the eighty-seven Philips Alumni who had died in World War I, the Civil War, the Mexican War, and the Revolutionary War. The location was chosen because the field was used as a drilling field for Andover men preparing for the military. It was erected on the Andover Hill which had been used in the Revolutionary War as a drilling field for Andover men preparing for the military. The bells were first rung on Armistice Day, November 11, 1932. For several generations the bell was rung throughout the day, but the structure deteriorated and by 1987 was not used at all. In 2005 the bell tower was replaced.

...Renovation of the Memorial Tower at Phillips Academy, Past & Present.... click to enlarge
...The Memorial Tower at Phillips Academy.... click to enlarge
...Memorial Tower Narrative, Part 1.... click to enlarge
...Memorial Tower Narrative, Part 2.... click to enlarge


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