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The Abbot Homestead, located at the corner of Andover Street and Argilla Road, was thought to have been built circa 1685. Benjamin Abbot, the first owner of the house, accused neighbor Martha Carrier, "Queen of Hell," of witchcraft after a boundary dispute. Carrier was executed in 1692. The Public Television Station program "History Detectives" examined wood borings taken from the beams of the house and determined that it was actually built between 1703 and 1708.

...The Benjamin Abbot Homestead.... click to enlarge
...The Abbot House.... click to enlarge
...The Abbot House, photo taken in 1988.... click to enlarge
...The Abbot Homestead Narrative, Part 1.... click to enlarge
...The Abbot Homestead Narrative, Part 2.... click to enlarge


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  • Featured in the PBS series "History Detectives" (Channel 2 July 16, 2003)
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