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The Shattuck Farm, previosly owned and operated by the Abbot family and built in 1718, was an operating farm for 250 years. It encompassed seven distinct Native American sites at what is now 125 River Road. Before it became part of the Andover Industrial Park, an archaeological dig was commissioned. Two reports were published, "An Archaeological Survey and the Documentary History of the Shattuck Farm, Andover, Massachusetts," 1981 and "The Camp in the Bend of the River," by Barbara E. Luedtke.

A restaurant in the main house had served baked beans cooked in an old brick oven and an ice cream stand and country store operated on the site.

The Stattuck farm buildings were moved from the original farm site on River Road to a 12 acre piece of land on High Plain Road owned by Terrence and Patricia Sullivan. The buildings had been sold to Digital Corporation for an industrial park.

...8,000 years of man's past sought at Shattuck Farms.... click to enlarge
...Shattuck Farm: From Native Americans to ice cream.... click to enlarge
...Shattuck Farm: From Native Americans to ice cream con't.... click to enlarge
...Shattuck Farm Photos from a poor quality paper photocopy.... click to enlarge
...Past & Present Townsman Column for Shattuck Farms Country Store.... click to enlarge


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