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This record is in progress. After the two parishes of Andover split resulting in two towns (Andover and North Andover) in 1855, Andover town meetings were held in churches and private homes. It became evident that a town hall was necessary and one was built in 1858 at 20 Main Street. The building was listed

During World War II the meeting hall was divided to makeshift office space. In 1946 The Town's Tercentennial Committee advocated that the building be torn down. The building was not torn down. In the 1960's the Town warrant included an article to tear down the building but Fred Cheever donated $500 to begin renovation and the article was defeated. In 1981 Punchard High School was renovated and used as a Town Hall. In the 1987 Town Meeting $2.6 million dollars was appropriated to renovate the old Town Hall. Using old photographs the


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