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In late May 1998 Andover police found evidence of satanic rituals at the former Yankee Dairy Plant at 12 Haverhill Street in Andover. They found a skull and two long bones with blood dripped on them. The worshippers also appeared to have used their own blood to write the messages "Satan Beloved Father" and "666". A cross painted black was hung upside down on the wall. an Andover High coursebook and snacks debris pointed to the probablity that the perpetrators were teenagers.

The medical examiner determined that the skull showed no sign of violence and that it was coated with a shellac-like finish and might have come from a biology lab or school. No local cemetery had reported any grave robbers. Brookridge Community Church held an Occult Awareness Seminar about recognizing signs of occult interest and getting a person away from an occult group.


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