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  • Jesse Gallagher and Chris Cuomo sang together since middle school. They began to record on Gallagher's father's four-track recording machine and became a band called Jyro.When Chris Hall saw a performance, he wanted to join the band. After a few years, he and Justin McLean joined with Jesse and Chris to form the Nubtones, from a silly song the group made up about a man who catches his foot in a door and calls it, "my nubby foot."

  • The Nubtones, Chris Cuomo (vocals, guitar), Jesse Gallagher (vocals, guitar, bass), Justin McClean (bass, trumpet), Jake Hall (drums) were all graduates of Andover High when they put out their first album Androgenous Love Songs in 1999. It was a combination of Green-Day style punk to bouncy ska to melodic, hard-driven pop. InThey had been together for 3 years and were able to attract 300 to their recent shows.

  • In 2000 the group released a song Hydroplaning on a web site called which provided free exposure for the song. The song reached #2 on the MP3 emo chart and #1 on the Massachusetts punk chart. A company called Angel City offered them an opportunity to play at a music trade show if they submitted 2 songs. The were accepted and set out for California.

  • Jesse Gallegher spent a year at Berklee Music School and joined another band, |Apollo Sunshine


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