Fiction That Takes Place in Andover

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Coburn, Andrew. Love Nest. published in 1987

  • A young prostitute is murdered in Andover MA.

Duble, Kathleen. Sacrifice. (children’s, teen)published in 2005 Two young sisters are accused of witchcraft in Andover MA.

Fuess, Claude. All for Andover, published in 1925 and sequel, The Andover Way, published in 1926. Student life at Phillips Academy, Andover MA.

Kent, Kathleen. Heretic’s Daughter, published in 2008. Martha Carrier’s family fights against witchcraft hysteria in Andover MA.

Kent, Kathleen. Wolves of Andover, published in 2010. Martha falls in love with Thomas Carrier, a man pursued by assassins in Andover MA.

Mian, Mary. Young Men See Visions. Published in 1958 A saintly new Congregational minister brings conflict and a love interest to Wendover (Andover MA.)

Shapiro, Dani. Family History, published in 2003. Happy family life turns sour in Andover MA.

Ward, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps. A Singular Life, published in 1894

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