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Members of the Piebald band met in high school. The one-time garage band composed of Travis Shettel(guitar, vocals), Aaron Stuart(Guitar), Andrew Bonner(bass), and (luke) Lucian Garro(drums) dominated the 1990’s indie band club scene and played to local audiences. Their first gig, a “Battle of the Bands” in 1994 is chronicled on ''Barely Legal/All Ages'', a 2 CD set. ''When Life Hands You Lemons'', recorded in 199, was considered to be their best music yet and showcased their signature sound and wry jokes. By 2002 they had moved to Los Angeles, were touring the country, and had released the CD ''We Are the Only Friends We Have'', their most popular album to date. They were praised as the next big “emo” band, though they rejected the label and preferred to say they played “melodic rock with a sense of humor.” They returned to Andover for a show with Apollo Sunshine as their opening act. They also made their first video for the song ''Just a Simple Plan'' and a second video for ''American Hearts'' which was played in Australia.  They broke the 20,000 mark in albums sold and played more than 200 shows in the US and Europe. The band split up with their last show on April 19, 2008 in Cambridge MA at the Middle East Underground, but then reunited at the Bamboozle music festivals in Anaheim, California and in East Rutherford, New Jersey in  2010.  Their final release was a live DVD/Documentary called ''Nobody’s Robots: Farewell to Piebald''.
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