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In 2004 Andover Choral Society celebrated its 75th Anniversary. In 1926 the Square and Compass Glee Club was formed. They began to have regular meetings to learn four-part classical repertoire. They reorganized into the Andover Male Choir, under the direction of John Everett Collins, popularly known as "the music man." This group was renamed the Andover Choral Society and sometimes had as many as 100 members. Every Christmas they presented the Messiah. Soon women were allowed to join the group.In 1985 Geoge Redman took over as director. In 1990 Allen Coombs became the third director. The 75th anniversary was celebrated with a performance of Carmina Burana and Bach's Passion According to St. John. The chorus also joined the Merrimack Valley Philharmonic Society in their annual holiday concert. The Andover Choral Society remains open to all who enjoy classical singing and who are committed participants.

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