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  • In his mid-teens Frank Morey Picked up a guitar to play REM type tunes with his 10th grade band at the Red Barn in North Andover. He graduated from Andover High in 1990.

  • By 1998 he had gone solo and self-produced his first CD BourbonSoakedHalo, which he was disappointed to find filed under folk music. He had picked up a lot of material for his songwriting as a bartender in Lowell as he enjoyed Lowell's economic and ethnic diversity. Some of his songs reflected Andover and Phillips Academy as well, as in Suburban Dreams.*In 2000 Tom Rush picked Frank Morey to take part in one of his Club 47 shows which took place at the Collins Center. At the auditions, the hometown crowd cheered him on.

  • After the Club 47 show he toured regularly and did 30 gigs in 2002 with a new band. He found increased radio play and exposure in the folk community. He even travelled to Italy to "occupy" a piazza in a festival called Artisti in Piazza. His third CD Cold in Hand came out. He was compared to Lou Reed, Tom Waits and Bob Dylan for his singing voice, humor, and song writing.

  • By 2003 he had appeared at the Chicago Blues Festival and written music for the 22nd Bloomsday on Broadway show. He played across the country and weekly at local venues in Somerville, Cambridge, and Worchester. He credits his formal musical education in Andover High, but says he "was schooled in Andover, and got an education in Lowell." He says that he is not interested in fame and fortune, just "to work steady" and have time with his daughter.


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