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1999 The original proposal for the Andover Public Safety Center included plans to improve or rebuild other plant and facilities, public works buildings, and the West Andover Fire Station. Selectman decided to withdraw these and focus on only a Safety Center. On Monday, April 26, 1999 Andover townspeople approved Article 16 for a $12.9 million dollar proposal for a new Safety Center.


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2000 A ground breaking ceremony for the new Safety Center was held on October 14, 2000.


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2001 The original completion date for the Safety Center set by Mello Construction was September 2002. The Police Station opened in 2003. The Fire Station did not open until 2005 with an open house for the entire Safety Center on October 20, 2001.


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2002 - In September Main Street Fire Station was razed and construction was begun on a new public safety center to house both fire and police. The police station was completed first. Mello Construction was the construction company for the Safety Center.


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2003 - Construction on the Fire Station actually began in May 2003 and completed in July of 2004.


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2004 - The fire station was completed in July 2004. It included private dorm rooms for firefighters, a kitchen stove with 10 burners, 4 refrigerators, and a generator the size of a bus for power outages.


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