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== North District School ==
The school was located on the corner of North Street and River Road from 1835 to 1947. Later the building was used by West Andover Community Associaton.  It was demolished in 1984.
* ''Andover Townsman'', November 10, 2005
== North Parish School ==
The first school house in Andover was erected in Feb. 3, 1701, in North Parish (now North Andover). In 1718, a second schoolhouse was erected in South Parish.
* ''Lawrence Eagle Tribune'', October 22, 1964
== Punchard Free School ==
The Punchard Free School, at 36 Bartlett Street, was founded in 1856 by bequest of $50,000 from resident Benjamin H. Punchard.  The school was dedicated September 2, 1856 but fire destroyed it 12 years later. The school was rebuilt under the jurisdiction of the town. Public funding began in 1901 and the school was renamed Punchard High School.  When a new high school was built in 1957, Punchard became Andover Junior High. The last high school class graduated from Punchard on June 14, 1957. Conversion to town offices began in 1982.
* ''Andover Townsman'', December 30, 2004
* ''Andover Townsman'', June 20, 1957
*[http://andover.mvlc.org/opac/en-US/skin/default/xml/rresult.xml?rt=title&tp=title&t=townswoman%27s%20andover&ft=&l=1&d=0&f=''The Townswoman's Andover''] by Bessie Goldsmith, pages 43-39 (974.45 Gol)
== Stowe School ==
Stowe School, named after Harriet Beecher Stowe, was located on Bartlett Street from 1894 to 1971. It housed the Central Grammar School.
* ''Andover Townsman'', June 19, 2003
== Chronology of Andover Schools ==
The chronology of Andover's school buildings was researched by James Batchelder.
[[Image:schools.jpg|thumb||left| “Chronology of school buildings,'' [http://andover.mvlc.org/opac/en-US/skin/default/xml/rdetail.xml?r=487303&t=andover%20a%20century%20of%20change&tp=keyword&d=0&hc=2&rt=keyword ''Andover a Century of Change:1896 - 1996''] by Eleanor Motley Richardson, (974.45 Ric), 154 …..click to enlarge|left]]
[http://www.andovertownsman.com/local/x187426370/Andover-Stories-Andover-public-education-started-by-1647-law Andover Public Education Started by 1647 Law.] by Jim Batchelder, Andover Historical Society.
[[Image:TurtleMound.jpg|200px|thumb|left|Location of Turtle Mound.]]
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