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The Town House was built in 1858 at a cost of $15,500 and is located on Main Street in the middle of town.  It was orginally constructed for a "spacious hall in the second story, with a small gallery and four anterooms. In the first floor a smaller hall, also a post office room, treasurer's and selectmen's room..."
In 1882 an extension was added for cooking accommodations and water for use by clubs and private parties.  In 1902 a lobby was designed with ornamental winding staircases and tinted walls.
The Town Seal was placed in the mosaic floor.
During WWII, the second floor was subdivided into office space.  Several plans to raze the building were thwarted in the 1950s and 1960s.
In 1989 the facility was completely renovated adding air-conditioning.  The building is now available for wedding receptions, theater performances, and banquets. There is still a Post Office substation on the first floor.  A "Rededication Ceremony for the Andover Town House" was held on May 6, 1989.
[[Image:Andover_Town_House_Rededication.jpg|thumb|...''Andover Town House Rededication Ceremony, May 6, 1989''.... click to enlarge|left]]
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[http://andoverma.gov/facilities/rentals/townhouse.php Andover Town House Function Room ]
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