Flood - March 1936

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In March of 1936 there was a devistating flood in Andover. A torrential downpour on Saturday, March 14, was followed by another on Wednesday, March 18. This second rain storm proved too much for the already swollen waters of the Shawsheen River. The river had crested higher than in the previous 55 years that records had been kept.

200 boys from the Conservation corps and troops from the National Guard helped Andover clean up from the 1936 flood. 104 homes were evacuated in the Shawsheen and Marland Villages of Andover. The Marland Mill Dam prevented flooding in Ballardvale. Although, at its peak, the water rose to the top of the dam.

The Boston Globe printed a "Boston Globe Pictoral Flood Sourvenir" section with pictures from all over New England.


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"View of the Flooding in front of the Balmoral"Andover:What It Was, What It Is , Seventh Section....click to enlarge
Arial view of Shawsheen

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