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The Ledge Road Landfill, a 25.8 acre parcel, is located west of Ledge Road, northeast of the I-93/I-495 interchange. The former landfill was closed to waste disposal in 1973. During the late 1980s, the Town constructed Deyermond Field, consisting of two ball fields and a soccer field. The remaining portion serves as a municipal public works yard. In 2002 it was suggested that the thickness of the cap did not meet state and federal standards and therefore allowed harmful gaseous to escape. The Comprehensive Site Assessment determined that the site had no significant impact on human health or safety. Further expansion of fields is in development for 2007-2008. A repository of information for the project is available at the Andover Board of Health.

See http://andoverma.gov/dpw/LandfillClosure12-14.pdf

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