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Incidents in Andover or involving Andover residents:


In 1997, two 15-year-old Andover males were arrested after multiple fires were lit downtown.


  • "Fire-setting teenagers face 10 arson charges," Andover Townsman, December 4, 1997, p. 1.

A small fire at the Collins Center at Andover High School was a case of arson.


  • "Students arrested in school arson: High-schoolers charged with fire in Collins Center," Eagle Tribune, January 24, 2008.



  • "Andover mother charged with attempted murder of daughter," Eagle Tribune, October 24, 2008, p. 1.
  • "Woman tried to use Stapinski ATM card," Eagle Tribune, January 8, 2010.

Destruction of Property

"Rages" or parties that get out of hand, happen all too often.


  • "The price of rage," Andover Townsman, May 22, 2003.



  • "Mother, daughter hurt in domestic dispute," Eagle Tribune, September 21, 2008, p. A 1.



  • "Andover doctor in rehab, not court," Eagle Tribune, January 25, 2007.
  • "Police: Marijuana found on AVIS land," Andover Townsman, September 27, 2007, p. 5.

A home at 487 Lowell Street housed a methamphetamine lab. Jay Keough and Ryan Emmett were arrested. Keough's parents own the home. Federal agents investigated. The men were each sentenced to 5 years in prison.


  • "Fear for youth led to tip on meth lab," Andover Townsman, March 2009, p. 1.
  • "Rottweiler guarded Andover meth lab," Eagle Tribune, March 27, 2009, p. 1.
  • "Andover men get 5 years in meth lab case," Andover Townsman, May 13, 2010.

Undercover Andover police arrested 3 people for a drug deal in which crushed laxatives were substituted for heroin.


  • "Police: They sold laxatives as 'heroin'," Andover Townsman, March 10, 2005, p. 1.



  • "State says local company handled elders' mortgages illegally," Eagle Tribune, September 29, 2008, p. 5.
  • "Jeweler back in jail, court on probation violation," Andover Townsman, November 6, 2008.
  • "Woman admits bogus real estate appraisals," Eagle Tribune, May 8, 2009.


Frank Howard MacMillan, who lives in the Fosters Pond neighborhood, has a long criminal history.


  • "Andover residents seek to oust island neighbor," Eagle Tribune, September 26, 2004, p. A 1.
  • "Man who terrorized neighbors imprisoned," Eagle Tribune, June 1, 2005, p. 1.

Land development disputes lead to harassment and intimidation.


  • "Two accused of online harassment: Police: Neighbors had land dispute," Eagle Tribune, October 18, 2008, p. 1.
  • "Feud in the Vale: Couple allegedly targeted family that opposed development," Andover Townsman, October 23, 2008, p. 1.

Identity Theft


  • "Stealing your identity: Andover Police see three cases a month," Andover Townsman, February 22, 2007, p. 1.


Burned body Found


  • "Police seek ID for murdered, burned woman: Rings may identify her," Andover Townsman, May 2, 2002.
  • "Woman's body dumped, burned," Eagle Tribune, May 13, 2002.
  • "Murder victim's identity remains a mystery," Eagle Tribune, May 14, 2002.

Murder of Jorge Martinez of Andover by George Arroyo of Lawrence


  • "Andover teen shot to death," Eagle Tribune, June 22, 2004.
  • "Victim's family: Killer was a friend of our son," Eagle Tribune, June 23, 2004.
  • "Andover teen killed by bullet in Lawrence," Andover Townsman?, June 24, 2004.

Nurse Bessie Mae Skeels accused of murdering Florence W. Gay


  • "Cries of murder, poisoning in quiet 1919 Andover," Andover Townsman, November 1, 2007.
  • "A look into the life of an accused killer," Andover Townsman, November 8, 2007.
  • "Murder trial ends with Independence Day: Bessie Mae ruled not guilty," Andover Townsman, November 15, 2007.


A former Merrimack College dean, Edward Popper, was charged with possessing child pornography.


  • "Police charge former dean in porn case: Seize children's images from computer of ex-Merrimack College professor," Eagle Tribune, August 16, 2008, p. 1.
  • "Edward Popper," Eagle Tribune, December 28, 2008, p. A2.



  • "Teen prostitute: I wanted to feel wanted and beautiful," Eagle Tribune, May 8, 2009, p. 1.

Sexual Assault

The Sex Offender Registry Board tracks sex offenders. Juveniles are frequently involved in sexual assault cases.


  • "Sex-based crimes by youth have attention of police, schools: Education credited with 4-year reduction in assault reports," Andover Townsman, September 9, 2004, p. 1.
  • "Coach charged in rapes had worked at local Y," Eagle Tribune, April 4, 2009.


Thefts, particularly from cars, occur from time to time.


  • "Police nab woman in store thefts," Eagle Tribune, February 3, 2005, p. 1.
  • "Local Indian families targeted by thieves," Eagle Tribune, April 21, 2007, p. 1.
  • "Panty thief's loot to hit Web after all," Andover Townsman, May 24, 2007.
  • "Thieves find way to cars' GPS devices," Eagle Tribune, May 31, 2007, p. 1.
  • "Spate of housebreaks hits Andover," Eagle Tribune, June 14, 2007, p. 1.
  • "No leads at all as break-ins continue in Andover homes," Eagle Tribune, June 21, 2007.
  • "Thieves striking it rich inside unlocked Andover vehicles," Eagle Tribune, September 18, 2008, p. 1.
  • "Burglars tie up senior citizen," Eagle Tribune, October 26, 2008, p. A1.
  • "Nest egg stolen for party," Eagle Tribune, October 28, 2008, p. 1.
  • "Andover volunteer robbed by people he helped at soup kitchen," Andover Townsman, October 30, 2008, p. 1.

Violent Crime


  • "8-hour drive to Andover ends in triple stabbing: New Yorker held in attack on former girlfriend, man," Eagle Tribune, November 23, 2005, p. 1.
  • "Police: Teens shoot woman with BB gun," Eagle Tribune, January 1, 2007.
  • "Andover student shoots 4 with BB pistol: Boy, 11, brings gun to school, classmates shot on bus," Eagle Tribune, May 19, 2009, p. 1.
  • "Andover student bought BB gun at Salem, NH, flea market," Eagle Tribune, May 20, 2009, p. 1.

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