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  • In 1997 Tony Beliveau won the Mr. AHS contest using his jazz piano playing skills.

  • After Graduating from Andover High School and Berklee College of Music, Tony Beliveau and his brother Mike moved to New York City in 2004.

  • After another move to Los Angeles in 2006 Music , Tony Beliveau(vocalist, keyboards) and his brother, Mike Beliveau (bassist)formed a rock band, the Crash Kings, with Jason Morris (drummer). The band name came from their habit of playing at parties they had crashed.

  • In 2009 they released an album Crash Kings, with a hit called Mountain Men which became the #8 song on the charts. Tony Beliveau writes all the lyrics.

  • They have toured with such well-known rock musicians as the Stone Temple Pilots.


  • From Mr. AHS, to a King. Andover Townsman. 3/18/2010, page 5.

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