Sarkissian Family - Kidnapping

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On December 21, 18 year old Donald Coggins was hitchhiking. Francis Wholey picked him up. Once in the car, Coggins began to beat Wholey. When they got to Shawsheen Saquare, Wholey, in an attempt to escape, crashed the car into a police call box.

H. Michaal Sarkissian, his wife Helen, and their daughter Terry, were returning home from a Christmas celebration in Shawsheen Village. They saw the accident and stopped to help. At the same time police Officer William Stewart rushed to the scene. The driver of the vehicle jumped out of the car. Coggin also jumped out and threatened the officer with a Army 45 pistol.

The gunman took the officers gun and then forced the Officer and Mr. Sarkissian into the front seat of the Sarkissian's vehicle with Mrs. Sarkissian and her daughter. The gunman in the back seat forced Mr. Sarkissian to drive through eastern Massachusetts - through Lawrence, Lowell,Worcester. Mr. Sarkissian was ordered out of the car in a wooded area. Coggins drove away.

Donald Coggins served 8 years in prison for the crime.

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