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The following images show areas of Andover as they were in the past and as they are presently.  They were showcased in various issues of the Andover Townsman.  All of the more current pictures (which are the lower photographs in each set) can be credited to photographer Tim Jean.
[[Image:Main Street Early 1900s.jpg|thumb|...''Main Street Early 1900s''... click to enlarge|left]]
[[Image:Gulf Service Station.jpg|thumb|...''Gulf Service Station''... click to enlarge|left]]
[[Image:MainandPark.jpg|thumb|...''Main and Park Streets''... click to enlarge|left]]
[[Image:Elander & Swanton, Inc..jpg|thumb|...''Elander & Swanton, Inc.''... click to enlarge|left]]
[[Image:Main_Street_House_Move.jpg|thumb|...''Main Street house moved''.... click to enlarge|left]]
[[Image:Shawsheen Plaza.jpg|thumb|...''Shawsheen Plaza''... click to enlarge|left]]
[[Image:Rose Glen Dairy Bar.jpg|thumb|...''Rose Glen Dairy Bar''... click to enlarge|left]]
[[Image:Hartigan's Drug Store.jpg|thumb|...''Hartigan's Drug Store''... click to enlarge|left]]
[[Image:Main Street.jpg|thumb|...''Main Street''... click to enlarge|left]]
[[File:mainstreet1940.jpg|200px|thumb|left|"Main Street, 1940 ]] <br style="clear:both;" />
[[Image:Shawsheen Motor Mart.jpg|thumb|...''Shawsheen Motor Mart''... click to enlarge|left]]
[[Image:Kaps.jpg|thumb|...''Lawrence Gas and Electric''... click to enlarge|left]]
[[Image:Shawsheen Woolworth's.jpg|thumb|...''Shawsheen Woolworth's''... click to enlarge|left]]
[[Image:Barcelos_Market.jpg|thumb|...''Barcelos Market''... click to enlarge|left]]
[[Image:Academy Garage.jpg|thumb|...''Academy Garage''... click to enlarge|left]]
[[Image:Anton's Cleaners.jpg|thumb|...''Anton's Cleaners''.... click to enlarge|left]]
[[Image:Gulf Station.jpg|thumb|...''Gulf Station''.... click to enlarge|left]]
[[Image:Andover Steam Laundry.jpg|thumb|...''Andover Steam Laundry''.... click to enlarge|left]]
[[Image:Andover National Bank.jpg|thumb|...''Andover National Bank''.... click to enlarge|left]]
[[Image:Elm House.jpg|thumb|...''Elm House''.... click to enlarge|left]]
<br style="clear:both;" />
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*"Past and Present: Hartigan's Pharmacy," ''Andover Townsman'', December 22, 2005.
*"Past and Present: Main Street," ''Andover Townsman'', March 16, 2006
*"Past and Present: Shawsheen Motor Mart," ''Andover Townsman'', March 23, 2006.
*"Past and Present: Lawrence Gas and Electric," ''Andover Townsman'', April 6, 2006.
*"Past and Present: Shawsheen Plaza Woolworth's," ''Andover Townsman'', July 20, 2006.
*"Past and Present: Barcelos Market," ''Andover Townsman'', July 27, 2006.
*"Past and Present: Academy Garage," ''Andover Townsman'', October 26, 2006.
*"Past and Present: Anton's Cleaners," ''Andover Townsman'', November 2, 2006.
*"Past and Present: Olde Andover Village," ''Andover Townsman'', October 11, 2012.
*"Past and Present: Barnard Building, 36 Main Street," ''Andover Townsman'', December 20, 2012.
*"Past and Present," ''Andover Townsman'', July 28, 2005.
*"Past and Present," ''Andover Townsman'', September 8, 2005.
*"Past and Present," ''Andover Townsman'', May 26, 2006.
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