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Some news and articles on the proposed Andover Youth Center:

Andover teens began asking for a teen center in the 1960's. In 1994 when 3 Andover Teens committed suicide, the townspeople looked to building a teen center as a gathering place for Andover's youth. The town hired Bill Fahey to run a town-wide youth program and work towards construction of a center.

In July of 2000, the Andover Youth Foundation suggested land behind the Chandler Fire Station for a Youth Center.

Yvon and Noella Cormier of Andover donated $1.5 million to the Town of Andover for a youth center in West Andover. Under the agreement with the Andover Youth Foundation, the town will provide 6 acres in West Andover. The center would be called the Cormier Family Youth Center. Yvon owns the Cormier Construction Company.

Funding and other issues, such as playing field availability and the proximity of a landfill, plagued the project for the West Andover site. In December of 2005 $1 million dollar in infrastructure costs were added to the price tag delaying a June 2006 start date for construction of a Youth Center.

In 2006, a location downtown was discussed, but the article asking the Town for $900,000 was withdrawn from the Town Warrant. Selectman Brian Major suggested a Special Town Meeting in the fall to deal with the youth center.

The 2007 Town Meeting voted to use land behind Doherty Middle School. The suggestion was made at that time to build space that would be shared as a Youth Center and a Senior Center. Funding continued to be an issue. A private foundation - the Andover Youth Foundation was established to raise money and coordinate the process of building a youth center. A public project is required to pay state-set prevailing wages. Since a private organization is not the cost of the project is reduced substantially. Peg Campbell was promoted to the Foundation's president in June of 2007.

The Special Town Meeting in the Spring of 2013 approved using half of the $1.4 million Wood Trust (a fund established for the benefit of senior citizens) on the new Cormier Family Youth Center. The funding of the Cormier Family Youth Center came from a combination of town money and fundraising.


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...Youths' sweet dream advances to finish lane.... click to enlarge

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