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  • The November Club was the first women's club in Andover. It was formed in 1889 after Miss Elizabeth Handy called a meeting of 15 "well-educated, enterprising, and socially elite women" in November 1888 to discuss her idea to start a women's club.
  • The club first met at 126 Main St., but, after 20 more women joined, moved to Abbot Hall.
  • In February 1892 they dedicated a new clubhouse on Love Lane, now called Locke Street.
  • The November Club raised money for local charities, the war efforts, and to build their Locke Street clubhouse. They give dance lessons to young people, and had guest speakers.
  • By 1985 membership had fallen and the clubhouse was sold to the Unitarian Universalist Church. The money was given to Memorial Hall Library to furnish a November Club reading room.


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  • "Andover's Innovators Lead the Way", The Townsman, May 30, 2013, page 13.
  • November Club Yearbooks, 1907-1967, in Andover Room at Memorial Hall Library.

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