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See Original Art at Memorial Hall Library for pictures and locations of the art listed below.

More information on individual pieces of Memorial Hall Library Orginal Art can be found in the Andover File - Memorial Hall Library - Art Works.

Accorsi, William

Artwork: "Vanessa", "Hot Air Balloon", "Airplane", "Family Outing"

  • Morgenroth, Linda. "William Accorsi Finds His Medium in Wood."

Mr. Accorsi is a New York sculpture who loves to design playful sculptures.

Barry, Charles Alfred

Artwork: "Abraham Lincoln" 1860

  • "Long-Sought 'First Portrait" of Lincoln Found in Memorial Hall Library." Andover Townsman, March 6, 1947
  • "Lincoln's First Portrait." Christian Science Monitor, February 12, 1947

Lincoln is depicted here in 1960 as the newly nominated Republican candidate for the Presidency of the United States. The portrait and his personal library were willed to the library by George Henry Torr, president of Smith & Dover Company from 1893 - 1906.

Coon, Howard

Artwork: "View of Rabbit's Pond", "Ballardvale", "Samaritan House on School Street", "Benjamin Abbot Homestead on Central Street", "Rose Cottage", Benjamin Abbot Homestead Built About 1865".

  • "Library Brushed up Art Work," Andover Townsman, October 3, 1991.

Mr. Coon taught art at Abbot Academy. He painted local scenes around Andover and in Gloucester.

Crabtree, Shane

Artwork: "Big Horse" and "Horse and Bear" Mr. Crabtree used an egg yolk and dye combination to produce a glazed brillant color in these works.

Gerber, Georgia

Artwork: Beaver Georgie Gerber sculpts and casts in bronze in her foundry in Whidbey Island, N.Y.

Hammond, Phyllis

Sculpture: "Centerpoint"

  • A description of Centerpoint

Ms. Hammond is an accomplished sculpture from East Hampton, N.Y.

Twenty Quilters under the direction of Joan Ross

350th Anniversary Quilt: The Hill, the Mill, and the Till

  • "Computers and Community Combined for 350th Anniversary Gift", Town Crossings, February 26, 1999.
  • Description of the 350th Anniversary Quilt

The Hill, the Mill, and the Till is an original design by Judi Henderson illustrating scenes spanning the four centuries of Andover's existence.

Kleck, Pat

Artwork: "Dancing Man"

  • Quimby, Beth. "Art Thrives in Quiet Life." Sunday Eagle Tribune, August 3, 1977, page 1.
  • French, Kimberly. "Pat Keck's World of Upside Down." Boston Globe, June 1 1985.

Ms. Kleck produces meticulously painted wooden mannequins dressed in detailed costumes.

McDowell, Ruth B.

Two Quilts: "Freesia", "Out on a Limb"

  • "Ruth B. McDowell Quintessential Quilter". Quilt World, February/March 1988, p. 31 to p. 34.

Ms. McDowell is teacher, speaker, exhibitor and a renowned member of the New England Quilters Guild,

Raymond, David

Sculpture: "Real Miracles"

  • "Modern Art on the Move." 'Andover Townsman, October 18, 1987.
  • "What's Behind the Library." Andover Townsman, October 8, 1987

Mr. Raymond sculptures are designed to evoke feelings and ideas.

Steckel, Hilda

Sculpture: Bird Watchers There were orignally three birdwatchers. Only one remains. The other two were severly damaged by storms.

Sardonis, Jim

Sculpture: Polar Bears 6 foot high sculpture of a polar bear mother nuzzling three young cubs: The mother cub is Aurora; The cubs are Klondike, Snowflake, and Grace. See

  • "Nameless No More", Sunday Eagle Tribune, August 24, 2008
  • Polar Bears Move in This Saturday", Townsman, June 12, 2008
  • "Polar Bears Come to Andover", Eagle Tribune, June 15, 2008

Mr. Sardonis is a sculpture from Vermont.

Steele, Mark

Artwork: "Over Andover"

  • Featuring the following Andoverites
    • From left to right front row: Kenneth Mahoney (Town Manager 1982 - 1990), Nancy Jacobson (Library Director 1974 - 1993), Miriam Putnam (Library Director 1939- 1967)
    • From left to right back row: M. John Christiansen, Jr. (Architect Shelpey Bulfince Boston), Norma Gammon, (Trustee Chair 1985 - 1989) Michael Frishman (Friends' President 1986 - 1989)
  • Temin, Christine. "Men of Harvard, Men of Steele," Boston Globe Magazine, September 7, 1986, page 19+

Mark Steele is a free lance illustrator, sculpture and painter (watercolor and pen and ink)

Sullivan, David

Artwork: "After Cezanne"

  • Description of After Cezanne

Mr. Sullivan has painted several pieces of art based on the work of Cezanne. He strives to portray new elements in the master's work.

--Eleanor 16:23, March 13, 2007 (EDT)

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