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Andover adopted the Town Manager System in March of 1959. Victor J. Mill Jr. served as the volunteer town manager until a professional could be hired. The first town manager, appointed by the Selectmen in May 1959, was Thomas E. Duff. Mr. Duff had previously been city manager in Claremont, NH.

Andover Town Managers:

  • Victor Mills Jr served as the volunteer town manager until the hiring of a professional.
  • June, 1959 -1965, Thomas Duff
  • 1965-1968, Richard Bowen
  • 1969-1977, J. Maynard Austin
  • 1977, Sheldon S. Cohen, acting
  • 1978-1981, Jared S. A. Clark
  • 1982-1990, Kenneth A. Mahoney
  • 1990-present, Reginald "Buzz" S. Stapczynski


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