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Original Art at Memorial Hall Library

Information on Memorial Hall Library Orginal Art can be found in the Andover File - Memorial Hall Library - Art Works.


Artwork: "Vanessa", "Hot Air Balloon", "Airplane", "Family Outing"

  • Morgenroth, Linda. "William Accorsi Finds His Medium in Wood."

Barry, Charles Alfred

Artwork: "Abraham Lincoln" 1860

  • "Long-Sought 'First Portrait" of Lincoln Found in Memorial Hall Library." Andover Townsman, March 6, 1947
  • "Lincoln's First Portrait." Christian Science Monitor, February 12, 1947

Coon, Howard

Artwork: "View of Rabbit's Pond", "Ballardvale", "Samaritan House on School Street", "Benjamin Abbot Homestead on Central Street", Rose Cottage, Benjamin Abbot Homestead Built About 1865".

  • "Library Brushed up Art Work," Andover Townsman, October 3, 1991.

Hammond, Phyllis

Artwork: "Centerpoint"

  • A description of Centerpoint

Twenty Quilters under the direction of Joan Ross

350th Anniversary Quilt: The Hill, the Mill, and the Till

  • Description of the 350th Anniversary Quilt

Kleck, Pat

Artwork: "Dancing Man"

  • Quimby, Beth. "Art Thrives in Quiet Life." Sunday Eagle Tribune, August 3, 1977, page 1.
  • French, Kimberly. "Pat Keck's World of Upside Down." Boston Globe, June 1 1985.

McDowell, Ruth B.

Two Quilts: "Freesia", "Out on a Limb"

  • "Ruth B. McDowell Quintessential Quilter". Quint World, February/March 1988, p. 31 to p. 34.

Raymond, David

Artwork: "Real Miracles"

  • "Modern Art on the Move." Andover Townsman, October 18, 1987.
  • "What's Behind the Library." Andover Townsman, October 8, 1987

Steele, Mark

Artwork: "Over Andover"

  • Featuring the following Andoverites
    • From left to right front row: Kenneth Mahoney (Town Manager 1982 - 1990), Nancy Jacobson (Library Director 1974 - 1993), Miriam Putnam (Library Director 1939- 1967)
    • From left to right back row: M. John Christiansen, Jr. (Architect Shelpey Bulfince Boston), Norma Gammon, (Trustee Chair 1985 - 1989) Michael Frishman (Friends' President 1986 - 1989)
  • Temin, Christine. "Men of Harvard, Men of Steele," Boston Globe Magazine, September 7, 1986, page 19+

Sullivan, David

Artwork: "After Cezanne"

  • Description of After Cezanne

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