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  • 2 Andover musicians, bassist Mike Nuzzolo and drummer Greg Rickenbacker joined with Terence "Tito" Heally from Wilmington to form the band One Step Away. They were about 14 years old.

  • In 2008 the band decided to add voacalist Adam Carrington, also from Andover. They won the 2008 Boston Music Festival battle of the bands in the alternative music category as well as scholarships to Berklee College.

  • In 2009 One Step Away won the Haverhill Rocks competition. They were just 16 years old. They also were such a hit at the Hard Rock Cafe that they were invited to return.

  • In 2011 One Step Away won the national Clear Chanel iHeart Radio Get Discovered! Contest. The band was then composed of Mike Nuzzolo, Adam Carrington, and Ben Trudeau from Andover, Wilmington, and Beverly.Their album For the Broken was played on 100 radio stations. They had played on stages from Hollywood to Los Angeles, to Las Vegas.


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