Fiction That Takes Place in Andover

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Coburn, Andrew. Love Nest. published in 1987

  • A young prostitute is murdered in Andover MA.

Duble, Kathleen. Sacrifice. (children’s, teen)published in 2005

  • Two young sisters are accused of witchcraft in Andover MA.

Fuess, Claude. All for Andover, published in 1925 and sequel, The Andover Way, published in 1926.

  • Student life at Phillips Academy, Andover MA.

Kent, Kathleen. Heretic’s Daughter, published in 2008.

  • Martha Carrier’s family fights against witchcraft hysteria in Andover MA.

Kent, Kathleen. Wolves of Andover, published in 2010.

  • Martha falls in love with Thomas Carrier, a man pursued by assassins in Andover MA.

Mian, Mary. Young Men See Visions. Published in 1958

  • A saintly new Congregational minister brings conflict and a love interest to Wendover (Andover MA.)

Shapiro, Dani. Family History, published in 2003.

  • Happy family life turns sour in Andover MA.

Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart . A Singular Life, published in 1894

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