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Andover's first movie theater, the Wonderland, opened in 1909 at 7 Elm Street. In 2004 the Indra Salon occupied the space at 7 Elm Street.

Wonderland Theater

7 Elm Street in 2003 - the Indra Salon

These photos are from The Townsman, September 23, 2004, "Past and Present".

The Colonial Theater on Essex Street opened in 1912. The building was owned by Sam Resnick and had previously housed a livery stable, walsh's tin shop, a train station, and then a post office. It was later named the Andover Playhouse.

When the movie house closed in the '60s, the building was converted to office use, and it housed the part of town government that wouldn't fit into the town hall. Finally, the building, then called the "Theater Building," was torn down in 1984 for parking space at the Library.

...The Andover Playhouse.... click to enlarge

...The Theatre Building.... click to enlarge


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