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*AVIS is run by a 15 member volunteer board. Many more wardens, committee members and scouts help to maintain and improve the reservations.
*AVIS is run by a 15 member volunteer board. Many more wardens, committee members and scouts help to maintain and improve the reservations.
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  • Andover Village Improvement Society (AVIS) was founded in 1894 by a concerned group of citizens as part of a national movement to improve living conditions in an age of industrialization.
  • A.V.I.S. merged with the Indian Ridge Association in 1917.
  • AVIS is the second oldest land trust and conservation organization in the country. Only Beverly's Trustees of the Reservation, chartered in 1892, is older.
  • One early project was to conserve a glacial deposit known as Indian Ridge.
  • After World War II, from the mid 1950's through the 1960's and 1970's, there was concern that, with so much construction little or no open space would remain in Andover. Harold Rafton and others pursued the acquisition of properties through gift and purchase, vastly increasing AVIS acreage and the number of reservations.
    • Deer Jump Reservation is 92.6 acres and stretches 2.3 miles along the bank of the Merrimack River. Four tracts of land purchased 1960 and 1961 make up this reservation.
    • Vale Reservation is located between the railroad tracts and the Shawsheen River in Ballardvale. This land was purchased in 1959.
    • Shawsheen River Reservation is comprised of 26 acres of open grassland starting at the "Horn Bridge and running along the Shawsheen River. The land was purchased in 1963.
    • Indian Ridge Reservation, Baker's Meadow, is 3 parcels of land obtained at 3 different times: 1900,1958, and 1963.
    • High Plain Reservation is 172 acres at the junction of I93 and I495. It was purchased in 1963.
  • AVIS is run by a 15 member volunteer board. Many more wardens, committee members and scouts help to maintain and improve the reservations.

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