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Bradstreet is considered to be the first female American poet and the first female English poet (her brother-in-law had her works published in England).<br>
*''Meditations Devine and Moral''<br>
*''Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in America''
*[http://andover.mvlc.org/opac/en-US/skin/default/xml/rdetail.xml?r=137643&t=bradstreet%20anne&tp=author&l=5&d=1&hc=3&rt=author ''The Works of Anne Bradstreet'']
*[http://andover.mvlc.org/opac/en-US/skin/default/xml/rdetail.xml?r=137646&t=bradstreet%20anne&tp=author&l=5&d=1&hc=3&rt=author ''The Works of Anne Bradstreet in Prose and Verse'']<br>
* [http://andover.mvlc.org/opac/en-US/skin/default/xml/rresult.xml?rt=keyword&tp=keyword&t=anne%20bradstreet&ft=&l=5&d=1&f=&av=&at=420 List of Books about Anne Bradstreet]
*[http://andover.mvlc.org/opac/en-US/skin/default/xml/rresult.xml?rt=keyword&tp=keyword&t=forgotten%20tales%20of%20Massachusetts&ft=&l=5&d=1&f=&av=&at=420 The Pioneer Poetess:Anne Bradstreet in ''Forgotten Tales of Massachusetts''] by Peter F. Stevens, p.97.
*[http://www.annebradstreet.com/ Anne Bradstreet]
*"In North Andover, Pages From an Early Poet," '' Boston Globe'', May 6, 2007
*"Hunt for Anne Bradstreet, Early Andover Poet," ''Andover Townsman'', November 24, 2011, p. 8.
*"Library to fete Bradstreet, Founding Mother, Poet. Enactment to mark 400th Anniversary of Poet's Birth,",''Andover Townsman'', August 30, 2012, p. 11, 12.
*"Making their marks on the world," ''Andover Townsman'', June 6, 2013, p. 5.
*"Of Prose and Poetry: The Town's Early Published Women.", Townsman, Thursday, March 19, 2015
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