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The Ballardvale Historic District Commission established by the town in 1995 to preserve Ballardvale. According to Chapter 40C of the Massachusetts General Laws its mission is to:
*To preserve and protect the distinctive characteristics of the buildings and places significant to the history of the Commonwealth’s cities and towns.
*To maintain and improve the settings of those buildings and places.
*To encourage compatibility with existing buildings when new buildings are planned within the district."
The regulations for changes to buildings in Ballardvale are clearly defined in the *Rules Regulations and Procedures of BVHDC".
*[http://andover.mvlc.org/eg/opac/record/35500?query=history%20of%20ballardvale;qtype=keyword;fi%3Asearch_format=;locg=5 History of Ballardvale Andover] Room R 974.45 His
*[http://preservation.mhl.org/bhdc Ballard Historic District Commission(BVHDC)]
*[http://preservation.mhl.org/sites/default/files/files/BVHDC%20rules.pdf Rules, Regulations and Procedures of BVHDC]
*"Ringing Out the Old" Townsman, January 1 ,2004
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