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'''Note: This is still a work in progress.'''  
'''Note: This is a work in progress.'''  

<h2 style="font-size:180%;font-weight:bold;"><span style="color:#00335E;">Welcome to</span> <span style="color:#A53131;">Andover Answers</span></h2>
<h2 style="font-size:180%;font-weight:bold;"><span style="color:#00335E;">Welcome to</span> <span style="color:#A53131;">Andover Answers</span></h2>

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Note: This is a work in progress.

Welcome to Andover Answers

Andover Answers is a collection of information about Andover that the staff of Memorial Hall Library has gathered over the years. It started out as a "snag file" of 3x5 index cards used by our reference librarians to help answer patrons' questions. We entered the information into a wiki, to make it easier for our librarians to search and present it to the public.

What kinds of information does it have?

The entries in Andover Answers cover people, places and events that in one way or another have some connection with Andover. Beyond that, it's hard to characterize them. Some of the entries answer frequently asked questions, others answer questions that are hardly ever asked but are useful and/or interesting nonetheless. Some entries contain a full answer, others just a reference to where the answer can be found. Some of the entries have information that can be found easily enough through the likes of Google, but a good deal of it is so obscure that finding it required library tools and skills that typically aren't available to the public.

How can I Search Andover Answers?

Enter keywords into the search box then click the Go or Search buttons. You can also click on the Answers Index link to see an alphabetically arranged list of entries.

How to get (and give) more information

For general questions, you can contact our Information Services Desk by sending an email to rdesk@mhl.org or by calling us at 978-623-8401 x32. If we're closed (or even if we're not), you can chat online with a librarian anytime day or night through the MassAnswers service.

You can also share comments or any additional information you may have about a specific entry by following these steps:

  1. go to that entry's page
  2. click on the discussion tab above the entry's title to open the entry's "talk" page
  3. if you are the first to post a comment to the talk page, you will be able to type your comment at this point. If not click on the edit or + tab first
  4. when you are finished, you can click on the Show preview button to see what it will look like
  5. once you're satisfied, click the Save page button and your changes will be applied immediately.

Please understand that your contributions can be viewed by anybody, so please be careful about what you post. If you post a question to an entry's talk page, we will post our reply on the same page.