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<h2 style="font-size:180%;font-weight:bold;"><span style="color:#00335E;">Welcome to</span> <span style="color:#A53131;">Andover Answers</span></h2>
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'''Andover Answers''' is a collection of information about people, places, and events that have a connection to Andover.
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== How can I Search Andover Answers? ==
Use the search box in the upper-right. You can also click on the [[:Category:Andover_Answers_Index|Answers Index]] link to see an alphabetically arranged list of entries.
== How to get more information ==
For general questions, you can contact our Information Services Desk by sending an email to [mailto:rdesk@mhl.org rdesk@mhl.org] or by calling us at 978-623-8401 x32. If we're closed (or even if we're not), you can chat online with a librarian anytime day or night through the [http://www.mhl.org/ask/ Ask A Librarian] service.

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