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Note: This is a work in progress.

Welcome to Andover Answers!

Andover Answers is a collection of Andover-related information that people have asked about at Memorial Hall Library over the years. It started out as a "snag file" of 3x5 index cards used by our reference librarians to help answer questions, but over time it's become so large that we decided it would be easier to maintain electronically. This has several advantages:

  • it's easier to search
  • it doesn't take up room on our reference desk
  • it's easier to add new entries and edit old ones
  • those of us with poor handwriting don't have to endure comments from our co-workers about how we should have become doctors

Another important advantage is that by making our old snag file electronic, we can bring it out from behind the reference desk and present it to the people we serve in the form of these web pages.