Marland Woolen Mills

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Marland Woolen Mills

Stevens and North Main Street
In 1820, Abraham Marland purchased a paper mill and converted it to produce wool. In 1879, it was bought by the Stevens Woolen Company. The original mill buildings were replaced over time, and the mill operated until 1960.

During World War I and World War II Marland Mills produced wool and flannel for blankets and uniforms. Before World War II Marland Mills employed about 400 people. That number grew to 500 during World War II.

The DASA Corporation bought the building at North Main and Stevens in 1964.

In 1984 The Dorman Bogdonoff Corporation, a large private manufacturer of membrane and tactile keyboards, renovated the Marland Mills complex on Sevens Street to house its manufacturing and administrative operations.

In 1996, one of the remaining buildings was converted to an assisted living facility called Marland Place.

...Marland Mills, 1994.... click to enlarge


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