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James Johnson was the Police Chief from 1980 to 1998. He was succeeded by Brian Pattullo, who was police chief until 2013. Sgt. Pat Keefe was appointed to take over as chief. Keefe was hired in Andover in 1998. He is a veteran and member of the National Guard.

Patullo has plans to work full time as the chief operation officer of a Boston-based security firm.

In 1997 a dispute between Police Lieutenant Phillip Froburg and Officer Craig Poirier resulted in union involvement and discussion with the Selectman after the results of a survey taken by police officers on diversity was leaked to the Townsman.

Andover Police Department and the Commission on Disabilities instituted Project Lifesaver in 2005. Bracelets with hidden radio transmitters to track the whereabouts of people who tend to wander from their homes.

In 2003 the police acquired ATV's to patrol Andover's waterways and the areas surrounding. In 2007 the Town acquired a T3, a 3-wheeler to patrol the streets and parks in Andover.


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