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  • The 4 members of Grimis, guitarist Lyle Brewer, saxaphone player/vocalist David Tanklefsky, drummer Peter Michelinie, and bassist Andy Doherty have been playing together since 1998 when they were in the Doherty Middle School concert band.The band officially formed when they were sophomores in Andover High School in 2001. They played mostly jazz fusion.The group helped out Andover Youth services by organizing comedy nights, hiking trips, and other events. They also helped other bands in booking and promoting their own gigs.

  • After 6 years together they released an album Poets, Assassins, and Shepherds. That same year they decided to go their separate ways.

  • In 2008 they got together again to make a U.S. tour. A good friend and former Andover High classmate, Grant Guliano, created an hour-long documentary of this tour, Grimis Tours the States and issued their third album Grimis.

  • In 2010 former group members Andrew Doherty, Pete Michelinie and David Tanklefsky went to Kenya with Andover Youth Services founder Bill Fahey to record the album I Am the One with the students of Margaret Okari School. Many of the school's students were orphaned by AIDS and proceeds from the record went to fund the school. They toured the East Coast in 2010 to promote the new album.

  • Members of the groups have become sidemen playing with nationally-recognized projects such as Sarah Borges, Broken Singles, Emil & Friends, and Quiet Life. Doherty has spent time recording with the Maasai tribe in Africa. Michelinie has created 17th century style furniture and converted vans to run on vegetable oil. Tanklefsky has worked as a journalist and a play-by-play announcer.


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