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Richardson Farm

The seventy acre Richardson Farm, located on Elm Street, was sold for the establishment of Merrimack College in 1947.


Rennie Farm Argilla Road Richardson's Book, page 66

Sylvan Hollow Farm Boutwell Road Chickens

Bailey Farm Laurel Lane Bought by Roger Lewis in 1939; sold in 1968 to Arkright-Boston, who leased the property to Hewlitt Packard. HP purchased the land in 1980. and bought a farm in South Deerfield, Massachusetts. Specialized in strawberries Richardson's Book, page 66 and 67, page 229.

Loosigian Farm On Lowell Street A working farm since 1910 "Loosigian: 81 Years and Counting," Andover Townsman, April 4, 2002, page 1 "Farm Bounty Recovering for Wet Spring," Andover Townsman, July 20, 2006 Andover Vertical File - Farms

Maddox Farm along the Merrimack River off River Road Where Agilent is located in 2006 A huge tract of land, but now the Maddox family owns only 2 parcels in October 1999 Sold to Loosigians in the early 1950's; operated the farm as Pleasantview farms until 1976, when it was sold for industrial development.

Nabydoski Farm Closed in 2005 after a long battle with the town 40 acres a health risk responsible for a high coliform count in the Pinnacle Brook because the garbage on the farm attracts seagulls. Sold to developer William Johnson in October of 2004, but held the actual sale for more than a year with negotiations assuring the Mr. Nabydoski keep his home on the property.

"Neighbors Say His Farm Really Stinks," Andover Townsman, May 8, 2003, page 7 "Farmer agrees to Move the Rest of His Livestock," Boston Sunday Globe, January 9, 2005, "Farmer wonders what he'll do" Eagle Tribune 1/20/05, page 1 and page 8 "Nabydoski's Fines Continue to Soar," Eagle Tribune, September, 22, 2005

  • Andover Vertical File - Farms

Rose Glen Farm On Lowell Street Moved his herd to Argilla Road in 1960 and built a dairy bar on Andover Street. The Dairy Bar was sold and Village Deli and other businesses occupy the structure.

Shattuck Farm Offical Massachusetts Historical Site. Archeaological site believed to be populated in 6,000 B.C. "The Ghosts and Voices of Shattuck Farm, Today, June 18, 1975, page 10 8,000 Years of Man's Past Sought at Shattuck Farms, Andover Townsman, November 11, 1977. Andover Vertical File - Farms


  • "Andover's Last Farms,: Andover Townsman, page 44 and 5.

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