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In 1634 the general court of Massachusetts reserved the land around Lake Cochichewick for am inland plantation.

Andover was incorporated on May 6, 1646. At that time the town included what is now Andover, North Andover, part of Boxford, and South Lawrence. Boxford separated in 1740. South Lawrence separated in 1847. In 1855 the town voted the two parishes into separate towns: North Andover and Andover.

The first permanent settlement of Andover was established in 1641. Shortly there after the Pennacook tribal chief Cutshamache sold a parcel of land that included Andover for "six pounds and a coat" to John Woodbridge. There was one stipulation on the sale: Roger, a local Pennacook, was granted permission to plant corn and take alewives from a brook on the land.


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